Podcast Interview between Tarisha Tourok and Paul Aaron Travis

New Zealand Radiant Woman Interview on Authintimacy

July 07, 20220 min read

Paul Aaron Travis was interviewed on the New Zealand Radiant Woman podcast. Being interviewed by Tarisha Tourok was exciting and engaging.

The host has a particular interest in working with couples who want more sexual fulfilment, experience sexual difficulties and/or have a history of unwanted sexual experiences. She's trained in supporting clients with sexual trauma as well as using tantric arts to bring more joy into couple’s sex lives.

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Paul Aaron Travis

Paul’s commitment to making dating joyful, respectful, expansive and consensual comes from extensive training in interpersonal relations — from Nonviolent Communication to the Wheel of Consent, from Landmark Education to Human Awareness International, from Body Electric to ISTA/Tantra. In his early years, Paul cofacilitated the Seattle Men’s Wisdom Council, working with hundreds of men every month. In the years since his divorce, he has dated dozens and dozens and dozens of women – mostly first dates which didn’t yield sufficient chemistry to go further. Yet this practice manifested 3 wonderful, multi-year relationships – helping him create the Authintimacy method he now teaches in The Great Dating Reset and Dating Sherpa.

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